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Article IV: Representative Council

The Representative Council is the highest governing body of IMSA.

Section I: Duties and Responsibilities of Representative Council

The duties and responsibilities of the Representative Council of IMSA shall be the following:

A. To supervise and control the business and affairs of IMSA,
B. To determine the policies of IMSA,
C. To develop yearly program objectives as well as long term plan for IMSA,
D. To make decision on the affairs of IMSA as proposed by Executive Committee,
E. To review, amend or approve the annual budget proposed by the Executive Committee,
F. To adopt rules and regulations for the conduct of its business, and to delegate the responsibility and authority as shall be 
deemed advisable, insofar as such delegation of authority is not inconsistent with or repugnant to the Articles of
Incorporation or Bylaws of IMSA, and
G. To provide guidance for Executive Committee for the execution of the IMSA program and plan.