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Article V: Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall be composed of Officers, Department Coordinators and Ad-Hoc Committee Coordinators. The Officers shall be composed of an IMSA President, IMSA-Sister Coordinator, Secretary General(s) and a Treasurer.

IMSA President is appointed by Representative Council from its members. IMSA-Sister Coordinator is elected from IMSA Regular female members and shall be also member of Representative Council. The rest of the Officers, Secretary General(s) and Treasurer are appointed by the IMSA President. Department Coordinators are appointed by the IMSA President after consultation with the other Officers.

IMSA President and IMSA-Sister Coordinator shall hold office for two consecutive years.
The day-to-day affairs of IMSA shall be organized and managed by the Executive Committee in accordance to the program, the decisions and policies made in the Representative Council. The duties and responsibilities of the Executive Committee are outlined in Article VI and VII.