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Section V: Membership Dues and Fees

The membership dues of IMSA may be decided and revised by the Representative Council from time to time. Dues for family membership shall be less than double those for an individual membership. A family membership shall be defined here as husband and wife. An individual member shall have one vote; family members shall have one vote per spouse. Children above the age of eighteen and living with the family can become individual voting members by paying dues at half the rate set for individual members. The annual dues shall become payable on the first day of each calendar year. At the time of first application, dues for the following year shall be reduced by one-half (fifty percent) for membership application submitted during the months of November and December. A payment for the appropriate amount must accompany the application. Associate and Honorary Members shall not be required to pay any dues. The Executive Committee may prescribe charges or fees for special events and activities as it seen fit.