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Representative Council:

Aria Novianto, Chairman

Ariane V. Sudrajat

Aslan Baco

Vivi Darmansyah

Syafrin Murdas


Executive Committee:


Syafrin Murdas, President

Vivi Darmansyah, IMSA Sister Coordinator

Nurhidajat Sisworahardjo, Secretary General

Yulianti Ismail, Treasurer



Eka Kristanto, Outreach Director

Irwan Tantu, IMSACare Director

Mohamad Daniar, Web&Communications Director

Ibrahim Musafir, Radio IMSA Director

Gary Sjah, Membership Director

Aris Mulyono, Tarbiyah Director

Eko Prasetiawan, Youth and Young Adult Director



Event Organizers:

Aji Jumena, 2016 STC East

TBD, 2016 STC South

Yusuf Kurniawan, 2016 STC West

Kurniawan Alfizah, 2016 Muktamar


Ad-Hoc Committee:

Arief Iswanto, Event Committee

Rudi Himawah, Strategic Planning Committee


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IMSA will have a Quranic Workshop that will be held in Seattle, WA. The tentative schedule will be June 10th until July 10th, 2015. The keynote speaker is Ustadz Abdul Aziz Abdur Rauf Lc. He has expertise in Qur'an and have published several books:


Here is the short resume:

  • Name: Abdul Aziz Abd Rouf
  • Address: Jl. Kenanga I Gg Teratai Rt 4/2 No. 67 Kalisari, Pasar Rebo, Jakarta Timur
  • Education: Fakultas Syariah LIPIA Jakarta
  • Status: Married and has 4 children

Professional experience :

  1. Director of Lembaga Al Quran Al Hikmah Jakarta Selatan
  2. Director of Lembaga Al Quran Utsman bin Affan Jakarta Timur
  3. Director of Lembaga Al Quran Markaz Al Quran Jakarta Timur
  4. Pengajar Tetap Masjid Departemen Tenaga Kerja dan TELKOM Jakarta
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The religious identity of violent perpetrators is only highlighted when they're Muslim. 

Three Muslim Americans were murdered on Tuesday in a University of North Carolina dorm room. The crime came on the heels of recent anti-Muslim attacks in Europe, carried out in apparent response to the January murders (committed by Muslims) of Charlie Hebdo journalists in Paris.

Western media outlets will likely frame the most recent perpetrator of what some speculate is an anti-Muslim crime in the same way they frame most anti-Muslim criminals - as crazed, misguided bigots who acted alone. If past coverage is any indication, there will likely be very little suggestion that the killer acted on the basis of an ideology or as part of any larger pattern or system.

But what if acts of anti-Muslim violence are consistent with at least some strands of current western ideology? What if Islamophobia has become so commonplace, so accepted, that it now represents a hegemonic system of thought, at least for relatively large pockets of people in some regions of the West?

Portraying Islam

Given what we know both about western media portrayals of Islam and Muslims on the one hand, and media effects and theory on the other hand, it would be foolish to dismiss western media representations as potential causal factors in anti-Muslim sentiment and crime. In fact, it is likely that anti-Muslim sentiment and crime are, at least in part, driven by one-sided, narrow, sensationalistic, and arguably bigoted western media portrayals of Islam and Muslims.

scholars - including Edward Said, Elizabeth Poole, Kai Hafez, Milly Williamson, Karim Karim, Teun Van Dijk, Kimberly Powell, and Dina Ibrahim, among others - have carried out academic studies examining western news coverage of Islam and Muslims.

Results suggest that Muslims are often portrayed in western news media as violent, backwards, fundamentalist and as threats to western civilisation. Western news coverage rarely highlights Islam except to show its possible relation to some atrocity, and Muslims are rarely mentioned in the context of news that is positive or benign.

Several studies have found that Muslims are portrayed as a homogenised body, lacking diversity and difference, with other analyses showing that news coverage of violent conflicts in the Muslim-majority world ignores context and circumstances, implying that Muslims are inherently violent and prone to conflict.

Inconsistent coverage

Other studies show inconsistent coverage of violent global and regional conflicts. When Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims are killed by Muslims, Islam is identified as playing a direct role. When Muslims are killed by Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims, however, the religious identity of the violent perpetrators is downplayed or ignored.

The ongoing conflict in Burma represents a good case-in-point. There has been little western news coverage on the recent persecution faced by Rohingya Muslims, who Human Rights Watch says have been subjected to mass killings; "crimes against humanity" and "ethnic cleansing".

Most recently, American television news networks have underlined a possible association between groups like al-Qaeda and ISIL, on the one hand, and Islamic religious doctrine on the other. Analysts claiming that "Islam is the problem" are given prominent platforms on news talk shows, while expert Muslim voices are systematically ignored.

Notably - and in spite of the fact that each act of Muslim-perpetrated terrorism is condemned strongly by all notable Islamic universities, Islamic scholarly councils, Islamic organisations, Muslim governments, and prominent Muslim jurists - regular cries are heard from media personalities complaining that Muslims do not condemn terrorism.

Prominent media personalities

Remarkably, some prominent media personalities systematically ignore Muslim condemnations of terrorism and then scream loudly that Muslims aren't condemning terror. Recently, both Rupert Murdoch and Piers Morgan claimed that it is primarily the responsibility of Muslims to root out and defeat the likes of al-Qaeda and ISIL.

In much of the western news discourse, the implication always seems clear; western societies should be suspicious of Muslims - all Muslims.

Ignored in these analyses, of course, are the facts that Muslims in many Muslim-majority countries are often preoccupied, battling brutal dictatorships (which are often propped up by western nations, including the US), acute poverty, and regular bombing campaigns, all of which have helped create the conditions under which groups like al-Qaeda and ISIL - both of whom kill many more Muslims than non-Muslims - thrive.

In much of the western news discourse, the implication always seems clear; western societies should be suspicious of Muslims - all Muslims. Various pundits have taken to prominent media to offer up inflated estimates of the number of Muslim terrorists, with some suggesting that "peaceful" Muslims are, in the first place, a minority, and, more importantly, only peaceful because they have misunderstood the teachings of their inherently violent religion.

Always ignored is empirical evidence - of which there is no shortage - showing that Muslims aren't more violent than non-Muslims and that the overwhelming majority of Muslims believe terrorism to be an abomination.

The discussions carried out on television news programmes are not surprising given the structural problems associated with western news, and, importantly, the basic imbalance in sourcing. Why, for example, is Hamza Hansen, a top Muslim American public intellectual, not given a regular platform on news networks alongside anti-Islam bigots who have made careers out of dissecting Islamic textual sources they do not appear to be qualified to interpret?

Media portrayals

Importantly, western entertainment media portrayals also receive unfavourable scholarly evaluations. In the most comprehensive and systematic study of Hollywood movies done to-date, media scholar Jack Shaheen examined 100 years of Hollywood film representations of Arabs and Muslims.

He found that the majority of the 900 films he examined portrayed Arabs and Muslims as "brutal, heartless, uncivilised religious fanatics and money-mad cultural 'others' bent on terrorising civilised westerners, especially Christians and Jews".

No one could reasonably suggest that western news and entertainment media organisations should ignore negative portrayals of Muslims altogether. This would be unreasonable, especially given the importance of global terrorism and the involvement of Muslims in their fair share of negative events.

It is not unreasonable, however, to ask for contextualised accounts, fairer portrayals, critical examinations of the root causes of terrorism, an increase in Muslim voices, and news coverage that does more to separate ordinary Muslims from groups like al-Qaeda and ISIL.

According to the scholarly literature, the patterns of representation are fairly clear. Some fair, balanced news coverage and sympathetic entertainment media portrayals of Muslims notwithstanding, Islam and Muslims are generally portrayed negatively and stereotypically, including in some of the most powerful western media.

At what point do we begin to hold media organisations at least partly accountable for the anti-Muslim sentiment that is gripping many western nations?

Or, more importantly, when will western media organisations hold themselves to account?

Dr Mohamad Elmasry is an assistant professor in the Department of Communications at the University of North Alabama. 

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Misi milis IMSA adalah sebagai sarana: 
  1. berdiskusi dalam bidang keagamaan, ilmu pengetahuan, profesionalisme, serta kemasyarakatan (sosial) dalam hal-hal yang bermanfaat
  2. menjalin silaturahim antar anggota
  3. tukar menukar informasi bermanfaat sekaligus sarana untuk menyampaikan berita kepada anggota lain. 
Tujuan akhirnya adalah meningkatkan kedekatan kita semua kepada Allah SWT serta menjalin ukhuwah.


Setiap anggota milis berkewajiban mematuhi sopan santun dalam berdiskusi dan/atau penulisan email yang meliputi: 
  1. Diskusi harus senantiasa sesuai dengan misi dan tujuan milis IMSA, meningkatkan kedekatan kita semua kepada Allah SWT serta menjalin ukhuwah. 
  2. Email tidak bertentangan dengan nilai-nilai agama kita, Al Quran & Sunnah, serta nilai/tatanan luhur moral bangsa Indonesia. 
  3. Tidak mengirimkan email yang mengandung kata-kata yang bisa diinterpretasi berbeda pesannya sehingga bisa menyinggung perasaan anggota lain. Ini karena bahasa email berbeda dengan bahasa saat bertatap muka. Kesalahpahaman bisa dihindari dengan cara berhuznuzhan(prasangka baik), tidak bersu'uzhan (prasangka buruk) ketika membaca email yang ada perbedaan pendapat di dalamnya. Usahakan membaca dan memahami isi email keseluruhan terlebih dahulu sebelum meresponse.
  4. Menghentikan diskusi, apabila diskusinya telah menjadi debat kusir yang berkepanjangan. 
  5. Tidak mengirimkan email lebih dari lima (5) email/hari. 
  6. Tidak mengirimkan email lebih dari tiga (3) email/hari untuk satu macam topik diskusi. 
  7. Apabila diskusi untuk sebuah topik telah melanggar peraturan nomer 1 sampai dengan nomer 4, sekjen dan presiden IMSA berkewajiban menghentikan diskusinya. 
  8. Apabila terjadi pelanggaran, sekjen atau presiden IMSA akan memberikan peringatan lewat jalur pribadi. Apabila peringatan tidak dihiraukan akan diadakan skorsing selama tiga (3) pekan atau kemudian dikeluarkan untuk seterusnya. 


Setiap anggota disarankan mengikuti tatacara pengiriman email yang meliputi: 
  1. Dimulai dan diakhiri dengan salam. 
  2. Nama pengirim di email address atau di akhir content. 
  3. Sesuaikan subyek dengan isi email. 
  4. Gunakan kata-kata yang hemat, singkat, jelas dan mengena. Ini untuk menghemat waktu bagi banyak rekan IMSA yang juga berlangganan milis lain. 
  5. Kirim email yang sifatnya pribadi via jalur pribadi. 
  6. Nasehat/kritikan yang sifatnya pribadi atau bisa menjatuhkan kredibilitas seseorang mohon dikirimkan via jalur pribadi. Kalau untuk publik pergunakanlah kata-kata yang sopan. 
  7. Jangan menggunakan "Reply" function kalau bukan untuk mereply ke previous thread/topik yang sama, tapi gunakan "Compose" untuk thread/topik yang baru. 
  8. No HTML please.. Tidak semua pelanggan menggunakan HTML-based mail client. 
  9. Jangan lupa kalau bisa cantumkan complete URL/original author kalau mengutipkan berita (supaya bisa ada check/recheck references)
  10. Jangan kirim email dengan images/gambar berukuran terlalu besar, minta tolong ke admin untuk di-publish-kan ke website. 
  11. Kalau perlu, ringkaskan/summarize tema sentral email yang diforward. 
  12. Minta izin ke original author sebelum mem-forward ke milis di luar IMSA. 
  13. Jangan lupa, medium email sifatnya permanen dan akan tersimpan di setiap komputer yang terlewati oleh email tersebut. Pastikan isinya betul-betul mencerminkan citra terbaik diri anda. 
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Assalamualaikum warohmatullahi wabarakaatuh

Muktamar .. muktamar is around the corner..  !!!

Dari panitia, peserta , volunter dan host locality berdebar debar  menyambut perhelatan akbar ini. Apalagi muktamar ini adalah kali pertama diadakan di pantai barat Amerika, di salah satu kota terindah di dunia : San Francisco. Para muktamirin bakalan disuguhkan kehangatan kota San Francisco di musim dingin .

Pantas saja bila Mark Twain menuliskan quote nya tentang kota nan cantik ini: "The coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco." 


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Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
Kami dari panitia pengumpulan qurban - Idul Adha 1435H kerjasama antara IMSA dan PKPU mendoakan semoga Bapak selalu dalam lindungan Allah SWT.

Seperti tahun sebelumnya, IMSA akan menyalurkan qurban melalui PKPU, yang akan menyebarkan qurban ke seluruh seluruh wilayah distribusi menjangkau pelosok nusantara, dan insha Allah tahun ini kita juga akan berqurban di Gaza dan Myanmar, jika ada yang ingin disalurkan disana.

Harga hewan qurban untuk tahun 1435H adalah sebagai berikut:

  • Kambing ukuran 23-25 kg - USD 175 
  • Sapi ukuran 210-230 kg - USD 1250 
  • 1/7 Sapi - USD 180

Catatan: Harga sudah termasuk biaya distribusi hewan ke wilayah sasaran PKPU beserta laporannya.

Pembayaran bisa berupa cheque, paypal atau wire, atas nama bendahara IMSA ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). Bisa juga klik link pendaftaran qurban ini.

Demikian yang bisa kami sampaikan, dan kami menunggu kabar baik dari Bapak. "Senyum penerima qurban adalah kebahagiaan kita bersama"

Panitia Pengumpulan Qurban IMSA - PKPU 1435H
Marwan Diapari Saskatoon - Canada
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh Alhamdulillahirabbil'alamin,

Allahumma shalli 'ala Muhammad.

Ikhwan wa akhawat fillah rahimakumullah, insyaAllah WMK 2014 akan diadakan mulai tanggal 28 Agustus - 28 September 2014.
Di 7 tempat: Dallas, LA, Seattle, New Jersey, Boston, DC, dan Bloomington.
Narasumbernya Ustadzah Hj. Dedeh Agustinah, A.Md, Lc.

Info lebih lanjut bisa dibuka di link berikut.

Mohon bantuan ikhwah semua dalam partisipasinya di lokaliti masing-masing, dan juga bantuan doanya, semoga acara WMK ini mendapat ridha Allah SWT, dan berjalan dengan lancar.

"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Jika kamu menolong (agama) Allah, niscaya Dia akan menolongmu dan meneguhkan kedudukanmu" (QS Muhammad :7)

Atas nama panitia, kami mengucapkan Jazakumullah khairan katsiran.

Wassalamu'alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh
Ika Arfita Panitia WMK 2014

NB. Info lebih detail dan sejarah mengenai WMK ini bisa disimak disini.

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Ditulis oleh: Ahmad Syamil

AsSalaamu alaikum waRahmatuLlaahi waBarakatuh.

Sekedar mengirim bacaan tentang Shahid Khan di bawah untuk menambah motivasi teman2 yang akan berwirausaha -)

Oh ya .. Toyota itu memiliki Operations Management Division yang berfungsi sebagai konsultan untuk meningkatkan kinerja supplier Toyota. Perusahaan Shahid Khan berkembang pesat ketika berhasil menjadi supplier untuk bumper Toyota dan terus dibina oleh Toyota.

Untuk miningkatkan kinerja operasi suatu perusahaan, banyak hal yang bisa dilakukan. Dua hal yang lumayan top saat ini adalah:


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We'd like to take this opportunity to announce several registration/arrival procedures/hotel info:

  1. Registration table will open at 2PM on Saturday Dec 21, 2013.  Please schedule your arrival accordingly. 
  2. Upon arrival at the hotel, please enter from Crowne Ballroom Entrance to get to Registration Area (in the opposite side of hotel main entrance, see hotel layout attached). 
  3. If you are flying-in, the hotel has free shuttle to/from the airport.  To get the shuttle, call the hotel directly at 502-367-2251 or there’s a bank of telephones in the baggage claim areas at the airport where you can push a button to call the hotel.
  4. If you need a rollaway bed, you can request it directly from the hotel upon arrival on first come first serve basis.  The rollaways are $20+ tax per night.  If the bed is for a child, there is no charge.  One rollaway may be added to any standard double or king room.
  5. 12 complimentary fridges have been assigned to 12 families who have requested it during online registration on first come first serve basis.  If you need a fridge, you can also request it directly from hotel upon arrival.  It is $20 one time fee. 
  6. Microwave and any kind of cooking are not allowed inside hotel rooms.  Hotel has microwave in their business center for guests’ use.
  7. There is no public/coin laundry in the hotel.
  8. If you need extra night, please fill-up the attached form and email/fax directly to hotel as soon as possible.  The address where to send the form is listed on the form.  Please use the same name that you used in Muktamar registration. 
  9. If you plan to arrive the day(s) before Muktamar, you can get your room key from the hotel lobby.  
  10. If you arrive late on Saturday and registration table has closed, you can get your room key from the hotel lobby.  
  11. Muktamar 2013 Booklet [click here]
  12. Hotel Address:
    Crowne Plaza Louisville Airport Expo Ctr
    830 Phillips Lane  
    Louisville - Kentucky  40209
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Ditulis Oleh: Agus Sofyan

Kesehatan merupakan nikmat Allah SWT yang tak terkira yang diberikan kepada hamba-Nya sebagai salah satu tanda kasih sayangNya demi memenuhi kebutuhan hidup manusia. Jika kondisi fisiknya tidak sehat, seseorang akan menghadapi hambatan yang lebih banyak dalam melakukan segenap aktivitas keseharian. Pada jaman modern yang serba cepat dan sibuk ini, nikmat sehat makin terasa dibutuhkan seiring dengan makin bertambah banyaknya tugas dan kesibukan seseorang. Agar mampu beribadah dan bekerja dalam kondisi yang serba sibuk ini, selayaknya seorang muslim memandang penting masaah kesehatan.

Bagi seorang muslim, contoh terbaik dalam menjaga kesehatan adalah contoh diberikan oleh Rasulullah SAW. Rasulullah sangat jarang mengalami sakit meskipun mempunyai banyak aktivitas seperti berdakwah, beribadah, dan bahkan terjun langsung dalam peperangan, serta sering menghadapi hal-hal yang sangat menekan perasaan. Menurut beberapa sirah, selama hidupnya Rasulullah hanya sakit dua kali. Yaitu saat menerima wahyu pertama, ketika itu beliau mengalami ketakutan yang sangat sehingga menimbulkan demam hebat, dan yang satunya lagi menjelang beliau wafat. Saat itu beliau mengalami sakit yang cukup parah, hingga akhirnya wafat. Ada pula yang menyebutkan bahwa Rasulullah mengalami sakit lebih dari dua kali termasuk ketika sakit di tenung oleh seorang Yahudi dan di racun oleh seorang wanita Yahudi setelah perang Khaibar.